4pin or 5 Pin Relay 12V 24V 5pin Automotive Relay Electromagnetic Relay Auto High Power Miniature

CRST4141Features1, Small Size and light weight.2, Contact load capacity up to 40A.3, Suitable for automobile and lamp accessories application.4,PC Board mounting and direct insert mounting available.Ordering informationCRST 4141--C-S-DC12V             1         2 3 

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1, Small Size and light weight.
2, Contact load capacity up to 40A.
3, Suitable for automobile and lamp accessories application.
4,PC Board mounting and direct insert mounting available.
Ordering information
CRST 4141--C-S-DC12V
             1         2 3   4  
1,Part number: CRST4141            2, Contact arrangement:A:1A;B:1B;C:1C
3, Enclosure: S:Sealed type; Z:Dust cover
4, Coil rated voltage(V):DC:12,24
5, Terminals: P:PCB Type; Nil: Plug in type       
6, Coil transient suppression: R:with Resistance; Nil: Standard
Contact data
Contact Arrangement1A  1B  1C
Contact MaterialAgNi, AgSnO2, AgCdO
Conatct Rating(Resistive)40A/14VDC
Max.Switching Power560W
Max.Switching Voltage30VDC   Max.Switching Current:60A
Contact Resistance or Voltage Drop≤50mΩ
Operation LifeElectrical105
Coil Parameter  (23ºC)
Coil voltage(VDC)Coil Resistance
Pick up Voltage VDC(Max)
(75% of rated voltage)
Release voltage VDC(Min)
(10% of rated voltage)
Coil power consumption
Operate Time
Release Time

Caution:1,The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay.
            2,Pick up and release voltage are for test purposes only and are not be used as design criteria.
Operation condition
Insulation Resistance100MΩ (500VDC)
Dielectric StrengthBetween Contacts500VAC
Between Contacts and Coil500VAC
Shock ResistanceFunctional20G
Vibration Resistance10~55Hz    Double amplitude 1.5mm
Ambient Temperature-40~+125ºC
Relative Humidity85%(at 40ºC)
Unit weight  Approx.32.5g


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